Exotic Rescue

Posted by Rebecca Ward on June 29, 2010

Exotic Rescue is a non-profit organization that strives to list all rescue organizations that deal with small exotic animal rescue organizations. Exotic Rescue doesn't do rescues on its own. It coordinates rescues among organizations. If you would like to have your kennel or rescue organization listed here, please contact us.

Announcement: Operation Toto Relief for Animals in Alabama: Celebrity Matt Wayne will be going to Alabama on May 8 to deliver supplies for the displaced animals. If you are interested in helping, please visit the link for more information.

Legality of Exotic Pets

Posted by Rebecca Ward on June 29, 2010

Not all exotic animals are legal in all states. If you are interested in owning an exotic animal, please consult your state or commonwealth law to determine whether the animal you are considering is legal to own. We do not assist with illegal rescues. We will do our best to legal get animals out of out of states where they are not allowed to be owned without a licence. Some rescues will require health certificates.

Rescue Train

Posted by Rebecca Ward on June 29, 2010

The Rescue Train is a list of people who are willing to be contacted when a group of rescue animals needs to be transported from one area to another. For example, a group of 40 gerbils was surrendered in New Hampshire and a number of them needed to transported down the eastern seaboard to gerbilries in the south that had agreed to take them. The people in the train would drive the animals from their location or a location near them, to the next point along the route, where the next train member would pick them up, and drive the next leg.

Sometimes, train members are also rescue members or have rescued animals in other rescues, but are not able to rescue in this particular rescue.

Rescue Train members, like other Rescue Members, can choose to only be a member of Rescue Trains for certain types of animals (for example only be on the Hammie Rescue Train, or only on the Reptile Rescue Train.)