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What Is An Exotic Animal?

An exotic animal is defined as any animal that is not indigenous to your area or country. Here in Canada, we have a wide variety of animals that would be considered exotic, including certain species of:





While they can make wonderful pets if they are given the proper care and attention it is important to do your research before you decide to adopt one of these creatures, as they have specific needs that must be met in order to thrive.

Wild turkey in the snow
Wild turkey

Where Are Exotic Animals From?

The animals at Cobbs Exotic Animal Rescue come from all over the world. Many of them are surrendered by their previous owners, while others are rescued from abusive or neglectful situations. No matter where they come from, our purpose is to give each and every animal the individualized care they need to heal and thrive.

Why Does Cobbs Rescue Exotic Animals?

Often, the idea of owning an exotic animal is much more appealing than the reality of having to take care of them. These creatures can be difficult to care for and require a significant amount of time, effort, and money. As a result, many people end up abandoning or surrendering their exotic animals when they realize they are not able to meet their needs.

We believe that every animal deserves a second chance. Whether they have been abused, neglected, or simply abandoned, we are committed to providing our exotic rescues the love and care they deserve. Our petting zoo is also a great way to introduce the public to these amazing creatures and help educate them on the proper way to care for them.


Are You Interested In Learning More About The Type Of Exotic Animal Species The Park Provides Homes For?

Cobbs Animal Rescue is home to a wide variety of exotic animals, including reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals. If you are interested in learning more about the animals that we have in our care, we encourage you to visit our website or come down to our petting zoo to meet some of our animals and learn about their individual needs and personalities.

Meet The Animals

Meet Some Of Our Rescues

Pablo the Bennett’s Wallaby
    Pablo the Bennett’s Wallaby

    7 years old, 42lbs, One of our greatest accomplishments is saving Pablo. This poor boy was donated to us after having been beaten, used in dog fights, he was starved and was in great fear of people and animals. We took him in and for over a year spent extensive time loving and caring for him. He is now a happy and healthy boy, he likes his alone time but is happy to be pet and sometimes we can find him cuddling other Roos. Another success story of the exotic animal rescue here at Cobb’s. We’re proud of you Pablo!

    Maggie the Sugar Glider
      Maggie the Sugar Glider

      2.5 years old, 80 grams, Maggie is an amazing part of our Sugar Glider colony, she is stubborn and can be feisty but we love her all the same. Maggie came to us with a broken leg. Her previous owners loved her dearly and did not want to give her up, but the medical bills to care for her in this condition were starting to add up. This is when she made her way into our lives. We took in Maggie and got her to the vet. They tried a cast on her but after a few days she wasn’t healing, and that’s when our only option was to get her leg amputated. To our and the vets surprise, Maggie didn’t skip a beat!

      Scarlett the Pig
        Scarlett the Pig

        1 year old, 55lbs. Scarlett is one of our most recent rescues. Her story starts in the home of a hoarder & a suspected drug addict. Scarlett was found in a tiny cage inside of this home and was locked up with an array of other animals. Scarlett and a dog were taken in together by a kind Calgary family and they had been so starved that when they were rescued and given food the dog attacked Scarlett and would not let her close to any of the food. Initially Scarlett was terrified of people and for good reason, but her rehabilitation and her new owners nursed her back to health and happiness. She was then given to us so she could have a safe and comfortable place to spend her life. Scarlett is now living happily with other animals here at the rescue.

        Marley the Sulcatta Tortoise
          Marley the Sulcatta Tortoise

          47lbs, 18 years old, Since a Sulcatta tortoise can live up to 80 years old, Marleys story is a long one. Marleys original owner got Marley when he was the size of a twoonie. He was a gift from his girlfriend in high school. Fast forward 15 years later and things had changed, Marleys owner had planned moved to the USA but he didn’t want to get rid of Marely, but he couldn’t take him with him! So his parents kept Marley, they loved him so much they used to polish his shell. As Marleys new owners were getting older they wanted to downsize and wanted to make sure Marley had a good home where he would be taken care of. And that is when they called us. His old owners even come to visit Marley every summer.

          Odie The Bennett’s Wallaby
            Odie The Bennett’s Wallaby

            6.5 years old, 44 lbs. Odie was initially bought as a pet in Idaho. When the family realized that wallabies are not that cuddly as they get older, they decided to get another pet for their child to play with. A dog. They then put the dog and kangaroo in the backyard together and the dog attacked Odie and ripped a chunk out of his ear. This is when they realized that they had made a huge mistake and needed to do something fast. This is when they donated Odie to another farm in the US that has kangaroos, and they called us to come and get him. We are so glad to have Odie and he is happy, and healthy.

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